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2010 Orionids Meteor Shower and Comet 103P/Hartley 2 Chasing

The University of the Philippines Astronomical Society (U.P. Astrosoc) will be holding its public observation of the 2010 Orionids Meteor Shower on October 21, 6PM (until 6AM of the following day) at the PAGASA Astronomical Observatory Sun Deck in the U.P. Diliman.

This event is for everyone. 😀

The Orionids meteor shower usually reaches its peak around October 21, having an average of 20 meteors per hour. The Orionids are fast meteors and also have fireballs. These meteors radiate near the boundaries between the Great Hunter Orion and Gemini. Orion will rise high late at night and the moon will be near full. Orionids will be best watched after moonset and before dawn.

Also, get a chance to see the beautiful green comet, 103P/Hartley which has been  a brilliant target for backyard astronomers this month. This comet provides naked eye visibility in some parts of the country under normal dark sky condition. But this week this beautiful visitor will be in closest approach, crossing within 11 million miles of earth. It could be best spotted during predawn hours near the bright star Capella in the constellation Auriga.


Bring your friends and your wish list, and have fun counting meteors!

Clear skies! 😀


UP Astronomical Society is inviting everyone to its public observation of the Orionids Meteor Shower on Oct 21-22 at the PAGASA Observatory.

Also, get a chance to see the green Comet Hartley that could be found in the constellation Auriga before dawn of October 22.

Make your wish list and invite your friends to this event. Clear skies everyone!

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