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Rare Double Eruption on the Sun!


solar eruption
Source: Spaceweather.com | Movie by: NASA-Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)

Astronomers have captured an image of the Sun with two large solar eruptions occurring at almost the same time! 🙂 The twin solar blasts  marked an impressive start for the 2011 space weatherseason.

This video recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the two sun storms erupting from opposite sides of Sol last January 28. On the lower left in this image of the sun, a magnetic filament erupted, and on the upper right a departing sunspot produced the strongest solar flare of the year so far, an M1-class event. The double blast may be more than a mere coincidence: Recent research suggests that solar activity is interconnected by magnetism over large distances, and that solar storms can go global.

When aimed at Earth, strong solar storms can damage space-based assets — like satellites and crewed spacecraft — as well as technological infrastructure on Earth, such as communications and power grids.

But none of these effects are expected from this event, NASA officials said.



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