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Close Pairing of Venus and the Moon During Early March


Moon and Venus about 10 degrees above th eastern horizon at 4:30 AM PHT (UT+8)

About 2 hours before sunrise on March 1, spot the 12% illuminated Moon close to the bright planet Venus in the eastern sky. These two objects will be roughly 2 degrees apart of each other and could be found near the prominent constellation, Sagittarius.

As a bonus, if the sky is clear at dawn on Tuesday and Wednesday – March 1st and 2nd – you can still see this lovely pairing even in broad daylight. The Moon is often visible during the day amid the blue sky but  is that true of Venus, too? The answer is yes. 🙂

Venus is indeed visible to the unaided eye even in broad daylight especially during mornings, assuming that the air is reasonably free of haze. In fact, it’s startlingly easy to see — but equally hard to find.

The easiest chance to observe Venus during the day is when it happens to be near the Moon which is easier to locate.

For Philippine sky observers, the following is a rough estimate of the angular distance of these two objects from March 1 – 3.


Degree of Separation Percent Illumination of the Moon

March 1

2 12

March 2



March 3 15


The Moon will move to the lower left of Venus as the days progress.

You may also look for Venus near the Moon using a pair of binoculars.

Clear skies!



SkyandTelescope.com — Observing Blog — “See Venus in Broad Daylight!”

Paulsadowski.com — Moon Phases

One response

  1. Narciso C. Dionson

    Yes I saw it this morning but before I could grab my camera a cloud covered both Venus and the moon.

    March 1, 2011 at 11:51 am

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