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Last Full Moon of 2012


Full Christmas Moon or Cold Moon – 28 December 2012. Image taken from Quezon City, Philippines.

The weather has not been good here lately because of typhoon Wukong (local name: Quinta). However, tonight we were fortunate to witness this lovely full moon — the last for the year 2012.


Image was composed of 2 individual shots that were fused together to create this composite.

According to Space.com the December full moon is also called the ‘long-night’s moon’ given it’s proximity to the northern winter solstice (the time of year when nights are the longest), and thus, tonight’s lunar show will manifest for the longest amount of time in the year. In places like Manila, where moonrise occurs at 5:34 p.m. and sets at 5:55 a.m., tonight’s full moon will be visible for as long as 12 hours and 21 minutes.


Thank God the weather was more cooperative today. This was truly a nice year-ending lunar treat — a great way to cap a year of amazing sky shows.

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