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Astronomy Jokes

DID YOU KNOW that a new constellation has just taken hold of the sky, much to the surprise of many sky gazers? The constellation of Ollie the Owl has suddenly started dominating the southern hemisphere, as shown above. The constellation is taking the place of Wrinkles the Rhinoceros, who was unexpectedly voted off they sky by the other constellations.

April Fools! 😀

OK, folks. April 1 which is a day of practical jokes, leg pulling, parody and pranks in Western culture was just over —  but I since I found this APOD image while looking for April Fools’ Day pranks on the Internet I decided to compile a few astronomy and space related humor, including jokes, riddles, and cartoons to tickle your funny bone. By the way, those guys at APOD posts images like this every year.

Yeah, even astronomers play pranks, too. 😛

The pictured above, a bird was photographed taking the Tololo All Sky Camera (TASCA) as a perch, a situation that would be even funnier if the bird’s talons hadn’t scratched the plastic enclosing dome.

Have fun!

(images can be clicked to see hi-res versions)

Q: What did the astronaut cook for lunch?

A: An unidentified frying object.

Q: Why didn’t the dog star laugh at the joke?

A: It was too Sirius.



Q: How does the solar system holds up its pants?

A: With an asteroid belt.

Q: What kind of cartoons do Martians watch?

A: Loonertunes.


Q: If a meteorite hits a planet, what do we call the ones that miss?

A: Meteowrongs


Q: What did the boy star say to the girl star?

A: I really glow for you.


Q: Why was the baby constellation sillier than the daddy constellation?

A: Because he was a little dipier.


Q: What do you call a crazy moon?

A: A Luna-Tick.

Q: What kind of songs do the planets like to sing?

A: Nep-tunes.


Q: What kind of light goes around the Earth?

A: A satel-lite.



Q: What did Saturn say to Jupiter when he asked if he could call him?

A: Don’t call me, I’ll give you a ring.


Q: How does the man in the moon cut his hair?

A: Eclipse it.



A spiral galaxy walks into a pub. The landlord says “Sorry mate, you’re barred”.


It is estimated that 3.71 X 10^10 “first-star-tonight” wishes have been wasted on Venus.


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“Learn Astronomy in a Fun Way!” — Popcorn Astronomy

Get to know more about Astronomy in a more fun and interesting way through Popcorn Astronomy!

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A friend and fellow amateur astronomer from the University of the Philippines Astronomical Society (UP Astrosoc), Ronald Buenaflor coined this term to describe learning seemingly difficult astronomical concepts through an easier, interesting and “digestible” manner. According to him, “It’s like eating popcorns while looking up the sky”. Popcorn Astronomy’s Facebook page aims to share trivia and other fun stuff related to astronomy to make it more fascinating for everyone.

Astronomy is a cool science. Whether you are simply a gazer of stars or an avid student of astronomy, there is always something new to learn about our galaxy and beyond. The study of astronomy gives us essential information about the universe that is used for practical and scientific applications.

Despite astronomy being the scientific study of the heavens, you don’t have to be a scientist to be an astronomer. Anyone with the proper know-how, determination, and persistence , with or without  equipment,  can make contributions to the field of astronomy. In fact, astronomy is one of the fields whose body of knowledge can and is regularly enlarged by the efforts of amateurs. This is especially true when it comes to observing and documenting transient phenomena, where professional astronomers simply may not be available to observe them.

Astronomy is simply amazing that’s why I love it. 😀 It’s beautiful, it ignites our curiosity, it’s extreme, and it tells a lot about our past and future.  😀

To the stars!