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Moon and Venus – January 10, 2013

A 6% illuminated waning crescent moon and the planet Venus were in a close conjunction low in the southeast just before sunrise last 10 January 2013.

The waning crescent which looks like a thin “smile” on the sky, tilted a bit to the right. The soft glow on the dark side of the moon is called the Earthshine.

I always love taking pictures of a thin crescent moon, especially when it’s also nearby another bright objects like the planet Venus. It just makes my day complete. 🙂

Clear skies!

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Mercury, Venus and the Young Moon at Dusk

Triple celestial display at dusk – Mercury, Venus and the Young Moon

Last October 28, 2011 I immediately headed to the SM Mall of Asia after our 2-day sem planning in Makati to take an image of this nice celestial grouping shortly after sunset. Sleeplessness failed to hinder me 😛

It features the thin Young Moon and the two inner planets, Venus and Mercury hanging near each other in the western sky at dusk.

I was really fortunate to have been able to catch this sky display just before darkness came. *Traffic in the city really sucks.*

Anyway, I hope the skies will always be this clear. 🙂

To the stars!

Final Venus-Moon Conjunction of 2010

southwestern sky, 10:20 UT



Happy 10-10-10! 🙂

For Philippine sky observers, don’t forget to spot the thin crescent moon later near Venus. Both the Moon and Venus will be low in the southwest as darkness begins to fall.

The brilliant planet Venus – the “evening star” – will be just a few degrees above the horizon at sunset, and will set soon afterward, so the viewing window will be slim. It will hang just beneath the crescent Moon. The planet Mars can be found just a little above these two. You may use binoculars to look for these objects hiding in the bright twilight.

This will be the final pairing of the moon and the planet Venus in the evening sky until the autumn of 2011. 

Clear skies!