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Moon and the Winter Constellations

Tonight’s sky (January 17, 2011) —- Find the waxing gibbous Moon (96% illuminated) surrounded by the stars of the bright Winter Constellations (Auriga, Taurus, Orion, Canis Minor, Canis Major, and Gemini). This beautiful celestial view will climb up to the zenith at around 10 PM local time.

Image: Stellarium (You may download this free planetarium software here.)

Clear skies!

Moon and Jupiter – January 10, 2011

9:26 PM (PHT)

9:10 PM

Jupiter and the waxing crescent Moon, separated by just 10 degrees last January 10, 2011.

Despite the thick cloud cover over our place, I was lucky to get these two shots before both objects set:P

Photos taken using my point-and-shoot Kodak C813 8.0 MP Digital Camera.


Moon Watching After the Eclipse

Because the Moon looked big and bright during its last full phase – after the December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse – we took the opportunity to take pictures of it while the clouds were not in the mood to hide its cosmic beauty.

All images were taken using Canon PowerShot SX20 IS and were processed in Registax.

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To the moon and beyond! 😀