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Astronomy through Poetry

I was searching for astronomy-related blogs, but instead I found these two very nice poems,  with cute pictures of the moon and night sky. With the permission of its author, I thought of sharing them with everyone 😀

Night Sky

by Chloe Richmond*

The moon had a pale, mischievous smile
upon its whitish lips
it thought the stars were playing up
as they sparkled like distant ships

The sky less dark, the sky less black
and not so overcast
the moon did yawn
his eyes did blink
as the stars took down their masts

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Release Your Dreams

by Chloe Richmond*

Once upon a moonbeam
where dreams are made
and bright stars gleam
think about life
and what it means,
evidently not always what it seems

Quit focusing on the minutiae
see instead the vastness and try
to know in its’ beauty
your destiny is aligned
your ability to achieve is just as high
as the jewels cast in that star-dripping sky
so trust in your ability
to let yourself fly

*Chloe writes good poems 🙂 You can check her other works in her blog, Writing Days — Happy Days.